Music can make or break a moment. We believe the right score can transform a visual into a work of art. Music, like anything creative, starts and ends with an artist. That’s why de Wolfe Music has teamed up with a group of artists to bring you a unique addition to the world of production music.

Introducing BITE HARD, the brand new label from de Wolfe Music. We’ve used our century of experience to create a catalogue with a focus on modern sounds and high-quality production. Specifically created for editors, producers and directors, BITE HARD bridges the gap between commercial music and the ease of licensing of production music. From sampling our legendary vinyl catalogue, to brand new original works, we’ve created something capable of bringing authenticity and commercial production values to promos, trailers, TV shows and movies.



verb: the act of taking a portion, or sample of one sound recording and reusing it as an instrument or a sound recording in a different song.


Blockhead’s production skills are recognised by fans and labels alike, with critically acclaimed instrumental releases on a series of different labels. On this first release for BITE HARD he creates sample-heavy, chilled, hip hop tinged beats with a retro feel.


Multi-instrumentalist Montoya Beatz uses his eclectic background and experience to create something unique every time he sits down to produce a record. On his debut album for BITE HARD, Montoya combines boom bap, trap, funk, R&B and pop.


Rodney Hazard is a multifaceted artist with a focus on music and art direction. His production styles draw from a wide range of inspirations. For BITE HARD, Rodney combines atmospheric samples with trap drums to create something fresh and unique.
The Colleagues - BITEHARD


Platinum record producers The Colleagues bring their talents to BITE HARD. Having previously worked with T-Pain, 2Chainz, Gucci Mane and Plies, The Colleagues bring radio-friendly hip hop beats on their first BITE HARD release.

From DJ Kool Herc’s first parties in the South Bronx to the Hot 100 today, sampling has played a huge role in the soundscape of music in the past 40 years. De Wolfe’s vinyl collection has been sampled throughout the decades, with artists such as Beyonce, Drake and Jay-Z all releasing material that samples de Wolfe Music. Now we take matters into our own hands and introduce BITE HARD’s The Art of the Sample.

We’ve worked with new artists, and called upon established acts, to create new and original music from our extensive back-catalogue, producing something unique in the sync industry: one-stop sample-based music licensing. With BITE HARD we’ve removed the lengthy process of tracking down publishers and songwriters, and offer a wide range of music that is as easy to license as any production music track.

Preview our initial three releases now and visit our website to hear them in full.